Tuesday, 2 July 2013


So, this weekend me and the parents went to Warrington to see some friends and on Saturday night we went to a Bollywood party type thing with them because it was for the hospital that they worked in.
A lot of the people that actually went were from India so everyone was dressed in saris and Indian clothing!  I wore a bright orange top and when I first saw it I didn't like it that much (not that fond of orange) but once it was on it looked a lot better than I thought, and while we were there I realised I barely wear any colour. And some how wearing colour can actually maybe make you feel better? Anyway, everyone was dressed in such bright, pretty colours that I would have never worn together but some how they looked really good? The whole room was bright and some of the saris were so beautiful. I actually wanted to wear them all the time they looked amazing! 
I wish I had got some better pictures of some of the outfits but all of them are so blurry! Anyway here's a few really bad pictures...

Warning: please ignore my face.

I am such a good photographer...           I loved all the jewellery and bindis (is that how you spell it?) we wore! 

Anyway, It made me think it's so strange how people in different countries dress so differently. Like why do we do that? I think it's amazing going somewhere new and different and absolutely everything is different to home, even the clothes!

I wish I could actually go to India now, or anywhere else really!


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