Saturday, 28 June 2014

To Majorca!...

I'm going to Majorca! I've actually posted this on queue so really I'm on my way to Majorca right now. I haven't been posting anything lately because I have just had so much to do but now I don't have to do anything so I'll be posting again. I won't be posting for a week now though because I'll be on holiday - obviously.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wednesday Friday Addams...

"Why are you dressed like somebody died?"

It was my friends birthday ages ago but I started writing this post then and just never got round to posting it. Anyway, she decided to have a fancy dress party which everyone enjoys. When I saw this dress on for £15 I decided I had to go as Wednesday Addams! I absolutely love The Addams Family Values (the second Addams Family film) because of the scenes with Wednesday and Pugsley in Camp and the things she says really make me laugh. I also wanted to go as Wednesday because I thought I could wear this dress more than just for fancy dress - unlike a whoopee cushion costume.
Anyway, to complete my super cute and easy Wednesday costume I put on some frilly socks, black vans, a ton of black eye shadow, dark red lipstick, big earrings and of course I put my hair into plaits.


I wish I'd had the high heels in the picture when I went to the party because I am in complete and utter love with them. They're perfect. Plus they were the last pair in Office so were only a tenner!
I absolutely loved the party and my costume (even though quite a few people thought I was the girl from orphan)! My outfit was quick, cheap and comfortable. It was a great night and everyone looked amazing.