Skin Clearing Tea Tree Toner

So, a while ago I posted about The Body Shop's amazing seaweed toner. The only problem with it was the fact that I had bought the small bottle of it! So I had to take a trip to The Body Shop to buy some more. When I got there though I thought I should try something different because there is so many different types of things in the body shop I thought it would be a waste to just keep using the same one. So I was looking at the skincare stuff and found the Tea Tree Toner. Turns out it's only £5 a 250ml bottle where as the Seaweed toner was £3 a 60ml bottle (I think)! I thought it was a bit of a bargain to be honest; the whole Tea Tree range smells amazing. Anyway, I just wanted to say  that it is really good and definitely worth the money!


The Witch Blemish Stick

So, I don't usually wear the whole foundation, powder, blusher or bronzer thing, because when I do I get even more spots. Now though, I've found that after I wash my face and take off all my make up if I have any spots or if I can tell I'm getting a spot I just use my Witch Stick! At first when I got it I was kind of like "this is terrible" but then I realised you have to put it on your "blemishes" before they are completely out and on your face kind of thing (you know, you put it on when you feel a spot coming). And honestly most of the time it really helps. You should definitely try and get one because they're not even expensive!


Longer Lashes?

Everyone wants long eyelashes? Yeah? So I just thought you might want to know one simple step to longer lashes.
All you need is some Vaseline and a mascara brush....

Basically, Vaseline locks in the nutrients or something like that (I'm not too sure...) in your eyelashes that helps them grow (this I do know). So, all you have to do is before going to bed dip a clean mascara brush into the Vaseline and put it on your eyelashes as if it were mascara, a lot of it! Then go to sleep! That's literally it. You can do it in the day but then you have like gloopy eyelashes and people will think you've got conjunctivitis or something. Where as using it at night it's gone by the morning.
the best thing is you can pretty mush get Vaseline anywhere, Tesco, Boots, Superdrug.... where ever!


Favourite beauty blog!

I am in love with the beauty department. All their tutorials are great and really useful so go look! 



1960'S are back?!

Looks like the 1960's have come back into fashion, especially the make-up and hair styles! I love Twiggy and it looks like her famous lashes are coming back into the fashion world. It's the times of big hair and bright colours. Here's some of my favourite 60's styles....

Twiggy (left) and Cara Delevingne posing as Twiggy in Vogue China

       I love Lana Del Rey and Mila Kunis' retro style!



This summer its all about looking fresh and clean! No false lashes, no bright pink cheeks and no fake tan-let the sun do it's job! Just be you! Not a painted version.

But...the 'big' make up product of this summer is bright lipstick! Bright pinks and reds are great shades to get the summer started!

Learn how to get this look here!-


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