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Oh my goshhhhhhhhhh. One of my New Year Resolutions was to look after my skin better.
I decided that for the first time ever I need to get some good stuff for my face and start having a proper routine (which never usually happens but oh well). I bought this teenie tiny toner from The Body Shop that I am in love with! I've never been one of those people with the face wash the cleanser the toner the moisturiser the day cream and night cream routine thing. But I actually really like this toner and think that it is helping my skin loaaaddsss! And I have actually been remembering to put it on - which is really weird for me!

I've been putting it on every night with a cotton pad thingy (what are they called?) and then putting moisturiser on. It's so good I wish I'd bought the big bottle!

These are my latest best buys from Chester!
First I went to Schuh to get some plain black vans because I've been wanting some for ages now. I can pretty much wear them with everything, whenever, where ever! Plus my etnies are wrecked now and I am running out of shoes...

Then after walking round a few other shops that have everything I can't afford (e.g. Topshop, River Island) I went to Primark. Words cannot express my love for this shop. I don't think you understand. Yes, when you go there it is always busy and cramped and there is just stuff everywhere and it's not organised very well but you can get a t-shirt for £3! IS THAT NOT AMAZING? So, after trying on about a billion things (and after accidentally picking up  pair of jeans that were 4 sizes too big for me) I bought a plain white t shirt with folded sleeves to tie dye! And I also bought some black frilly socks to go with my new Vans.

Then I went to New look and bought some Autumn/Winter jeans. I have needed new jeans for a while now and so got a dark grey/black pair to go with everything and because I thought they were a bit wintery and you always need a new pair of skinny jeans.

So my Best Buy at the moment is my new favourite t-shirt. You probably saw it on my other post but I just love it so much! It was £9.99 from teeisland on Amazon. It has a quote from mean girls on it (which is an amazing film) that says "you can't sit with us". I LOVE it.

I think it goes great with my light wash skinny jeans and my blue vans, my new favourite summer outfit!


So this Best Buy isn't really a Buy, well it was once, now it's more of a: 

Best Find While Tidying My Really Messy Room.

I hate cleaning and most of the time I just shove everything under my bed which I haven't looked under for around 3 years. So, randomly, the other day I decided that it was time to tidy. I found so much stuff I have forgotten about, for example, 10 pairs of shoes (no exaggeration). I also found this really nice bracelet that I had forgot I had. The thing is, for ages I have been looking for an anklet for summer so when I found this - and found that I could fit it around one of my humongous feet - it was perfect! It looks so summery and simple and goes really well with my vans! I love it!


Okay so my latest amazing buy isn't anything to do with fashion or beauty, but it was definitely a good buy so I have to share it with you! I was on Tumblr and everyone was going on about John Green books and "The Fault in Our Stars" so I decided to go onto Amazon and order it to see what the fuss was about. It wasn't even that expensive! When I got it I started reading it straight away and finished it in about 2 days! Everything within the book was absolutely perfect and I couldn't stop reading it. So, as soon as a finished it, I gave it to a friend who finished it pretty quickly as well, and then gave it to another friend who read it fast too! So now we have all read it and agree that it is the absolute definition of perfect, mainly because of Augustus Waters (the greatest character in any book) but also because throughout the book there are these beautiful quotes which make John Green seem like an absolute god. To anyone that hasn't read the book you have to because you will love it!


My latest buy is a pair of sunglasses from primark. They were only 3 quid so I had to get them! Plus when ever you see something in Primark that you like you have to get it there and then because next time you go you won't be able to find it again! The glasses are in a kind of vintage style which is why I like them so much!

Have a good summer!

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