Monday, 17 June 2013

Hair Envy...

So many celebrities seem to have/had bright hair at the moment and we're getting extreme hair envy! It probably doesn't help that so many people on tumblr have perfect coloured hair either! We are also completely in love with pastel hair at the moment though. It's so pretty! click the pictures to enlarge them.

maybe not for everyone...
LOVE these purple colours

maybe not as mad as Nicki...?

IN LOVE with these pastel colours!

guess Nicki Minaj has had every colour... not real hair though

The only problem is, to have pastel coloured hair your hair has to be really light to begin with, and I'm not sure if I'm ready to fully bleach my dark hair yet! But I do have some semi permanent dyes from when I had streaks underneath my hair. I used Directions and it's really good and easy to apply! You can basically get it in any colour too. There must be about a billion hair tutorials on youtube as well that can help so much!


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