Friday, 14 June 2013


As we said before, we LOVE doing our nails and the other day my mum brought home some metallic Sharpies that write on anything, so we decided to see if they wrote over nail varnish?

So, I painted my nails with miss sporty black nail varnish and - once it had dried - started drawing over it! It works! And is really easy to use! (apart from the fact that I'm not very good at using my left hand) I just did simple lines on my nails but because the pens were so easy to use you could do absolutely anything! Spots, writing, flowers, random shapes, .... anything!

 The Miss Sporty nail varnishes are really good and the brush on this one makes it really easy to paint your nails quickly.

the only problem I found with them is that when you put a top coat over it, it can smudge quite easily, so if you put a top coat on your nails just be careful!


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