Sunday, 2 June 2013


So it's finally starting to look a little like summer and the summer holidays are only 6 weeks away! This means we've got an excuse to buy new things - "I NEED SUMMER CLOTHES"! So we've been looking everywhere online for summer clothes and here are our absolute holiday favourites!

flowered shorts: Topshop , kimono: , necklace: Missguided , skater skirt: new look ,
 maxi dress: new look , crop top: Missguided , bracelets: new look , wedges: new look, 
 play suit: Topshop , black crop top: Rihanna for River Island , bikini: Topshop , 
 crotchet toms: Toms, dungarees: new look , dress: Topshop , 
 see through crop top: Missguided, denim shorts: new look, 
 suitcase: River Island.

Now we just need the money to buy them...

have a good summer!


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