Monday, 15 July 2013

Too Tight Sleeves...

Another thing that was found under the Bed That Cleanliness Forgot was a wonder woman t-shirt. I used to love it! I would probably never wear it now but I don't like throwing clothes away because you never know, one day all of my clothes might be dirty and I'll have nothing to wear so I'll be forced to put something old on, or I might want older clothes for a water fight in the summer! Either way, I tried it on the the arms were too tight! It felt like the fabric was cutting through my shoulders. So - because of the whole not throwing things away - I decided to cut the sleeves off.

First, make sure that your t-shirt is flat other wise you'll be cutting wonky.
Then start cutting down the seam of the sleeve, this makes sure that you're cutting the right place so the straps aren't too think or too thin, it also makes sure that they are even.
Once you get near the bottom of the seam cut over it so that your cut goes further down the t-shirt than the original seam does. This means that your cut will be loose on your arms. don't worry about making the sleeves completely even, once it's on you won't be able to see.
I know it's really simple but I just thought you might want to know.


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