Thursday, 1 August 2013

Food Favourites...

The true love of my life has always been food. I could try and kid you and say fashion but there's no point. But it seems the fashion world is joining me in the love of food, why just eat it when you can wear it right? I saw some food clothing on Missguided and I love it! So I've been searching for more!

swimwear from missguided £14.99 each

bag £48, ring £35 and shorts £55 from lazy oaf, t-shirt from zazzle £15.99 (but you can get it in lots of other places too)

get Cara's look!

these jumpers are from beloved for $59 each which is so annoying because I want them all so bad! But I have no money and I don't live in America so...

Anyway, I love them all!

too much?


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