Sunday, 4 August 2013

Jump In!... (too cheesy?)

I absolutely love jumpsuits and playsuits at the moment! I have spent the whole morning with my friend looking for a jumpsuit/playsuit on the internet for a party she is going to. I realised I really like them! There are some really nice ones on Missguided. What I really want though is a pair of dungarees! I have always loved them and this year seems to be the year to wear them!

bank fashion                                      own the runway                                             river island

The great thing about jumpsuits and playsuits is they can be everyday or going out, there are just so many different types there's something for everyone.

I love these playsuits from asos, the back detail is so nice!

both found on Asos

(left) new look, (right) Missguided

both from Missguided

(left) Own The Runway, (right) Topshop

The great thing is plain jumpsuits/playsuits can be done up simply by a belt or a necklace. Like this one from Topshop.
I think the next thing I need to buy is a playsuit! Or some dungarees!



  1. same here, i am obsessed with dungarees and playsuits at the moment. love the second denim dungarees you post <3 thanks for sharing, lovely blog as well. perhaps we could follow each other on Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


    1. Thanks so much!Love your blog too, followed it on bloglovin.