Thursday, 22 August 2013


So I went shopping with some friends today, not for anything in particular but just to go. The only thing is I love getting new stuff but I absolutely hate spending money. I just love trying on all the different clothes to be honest. But yeah this is why I mainly shop in primark... because I can't afford anything else!
Anyway, today I decided that I wanted new clothes for Autumn even though it is still August. I get really excited about the autumn though because I think it's my favourite season really, here is a list of reasons why...

  • no wasps/daddy longlegs
  • it starts to get darker sooner so I can look out my windows at the moon/stars
  • it gets colder so I have a reason to sit inside all day (plus I love it when we have the fire going)
  • but it's not too cold
  • hats. I love hats.
  • leaves start to fall and look pretty. They also sound great when you stand on them
  • HALLOWEEN! which means everything smells of pumpkin!
  • my birthday!

So yeah... I bought a green jumper that was just soooo soft I had to get it and also a burgundy hat that was only 2 quid so how could I leave it? I have a slight problem with hats though because whenever I see one I have to get it even though I already have like a billion.

for some reason the colours on my camera went a bit weird, the jumper is actually a really dark green.

I also bought a dress from H&M for my friends sister's birthday party. I really hate dresses though and hardly ever wear them so I'm not looking forward to wearing it to be honest. But I like it and it was only £15.

the top of the dress is denim with cut outs and the bottom is just plain black


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