Thursday, 5 September 2013

BINTM the final!...

GUYS! It's the final of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model tonight! The three in the final are Emma, Sarah and Lauren. Watch it tonight at 9 o'clock on sky living to find out who wins!
Honestly, I am hoping that Emma wins so much. I think she is so different to the other girls and she actually seems like a nice person and of course she takes amazing photos. Yes, Lauren and Sarah take amazing photos too but Sarah just cries al the time and was scared of absolutely everything (I know she can't help it but it's still annoying) and then Lauren didn't seem like a nice person in the house. Anyway if you click here you can look through all the portfolios, videos and gossip from BINTM.

Here's my favourite photos of the final three!

That's my opinion about the final, what about you?


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