Sunday, 6 October 2013

Chester Buys...

So, as I'd hoped, I went to Chester this weekend - shopping! I just thought I'd share with you what I bought!
First I went to Schuh to get some plain black vans because I've been wanting some for ages now. I can pretty much wear them with everything, whenever, where ever! Plus my etnies are wrecked now and I am running out of shoes...

Then after walking round a few other shops that have everything I can't afford (e.g. Topshop, River Island) I went to Primark. Words cannot express my love for this shop. I don't think you understand. Yes, when you go there it is always busy and cramped and there is just stuff everywhere and it's not organised very well but you can get a t-shirt for £3! IS THAT NOT AMAZING? So, after trying on about a billion things (and after accidentally picking up  pair of jeans that were 4 sizes too big for me) I bought a plain white t shirt with folded sleeves to tie dye that was only £3.50! And I also bought some black frilly socks to go with my new Vans for £1.50.

Then I went to New look and bought some Autumn/Winter jeans for 20 quid that I absolutely love. I have needed new jeans for a while now and so got a dark grey/black pair to go with everything and because I thought they were a bit wintery and you always need a new pair of skinny jeans.

Then to end the day, I went to The Funky Cow milkshake bar to get a Galaxy Cookie Crumble milkshake! Which was absolutely amazing if you were wondering.
So yeah, that's it!



  1. Uhh I like that white T :)


    1. I've been looking for one for ages! Finally found one super cheap