Friday, 25 October 2013

My flight must haves...

And I'm so so excited about it! I absolutely can't wait because we're staying right in the middle of Rome!The thing is, I'm not just excited about the fact I'm going to Rome, whenever I go on holiday abroad I get just as excited about going to the airport as I do going to another country. I also get excited about packing. I don't know why I guess it's all just the build up and everything isn't it. But today I decided to tell you about my Flight Must Haves...

Always take something to read.
I started reading the Mortal Instruments books so I have saved the second one specially for my holiday. I'm also taking a Magazine (and I did not just buy it because of the free nail varnish...) but I usually buy a book or magazine in WHSmiths in the airport too.

Always pack for every type of weather.
I'm going to wear a thick jumper - because it's cold here - and take my thinner jumper with me. I'm also taking a hat because it will definitely help to hide my terrible hair at 4 in the morning and I can hide my face in it if I fall asleep on the plane! I'm also taking sunglasses because I have no idea what the weather is like in Rome.

Take a small bottle of moisturiser.
Aeroplanes dry my skin out so much! So I'm taking moisturiser and lip balm (but make sure it's under 100ml other wise you can't take it in your hand luggage)

I have to take my music with me! (I might even have a playlist especially for the journey...). And also I have to take my camera with me. I absolutely love it when you are right above the clouds and it looks like you could jump on them so I always take photos out the window. By the way it took me ages to figure out how to take a photo of my camera so appreciate the effort! 

So I will probably be boring you all with my holiday pictures next week!


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