Wednesday, 8 January 2014


There a tons of fashion icons out there, but one of my absolute new favourites has got to be Ian Chaloner from BBC Radio 1's breakfast show.

He attended Men's Fashion Week and sat on the front row along with many other celebrities, such as Samuel L Jackson, looking utterly amazing in his slanted pizza hat and pink,blue and white pants. The red hair extension, round glasses and socks and sandals really brought the outfit together though.

I thought this was hilarious! Ian was sent with Grimmy wearing this as a joke to Men's Fashion week. They didn't even think they'd get in. Never mind sit on the Frow!
The new style icon has even been spotted in the newspaper! Click here to see the image. Also click here to go to the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show facebook!



  1. Ahhhh--- I miss Radio 1! It was the only reason I kept my XM Radio (since I'm in U.S.), but one day, the station just disappeared! & I tried to keep up with it online, but that was such a hassle! lol. Ian is hilarious! Thanks for sharing ;D

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    1. I love listening to them! I just think they're so funny!