Monday, 28 July 2014

Back in Britain...

Hey! So, Majorca is amazing. I thought it was going to be really touristy and all hotels and a ton of people but it was actually so perfect. It was absolutely boiling all week (I think it reached 30 °c!) and the little villa we stayed in had its own pool with colour changing lights for the times we had a late night swim! As well as this the place we were staying was about a ten minute walk down into the town of Soller which was filled with souvenir shops and the cutest little boutiques I have ever been in in my whole life. I would be happy to just wear clothes from those boutiques for the rest of my life! (Seriously if you find yourself in Soller make sure to go in the boutiques down Carrer de sa Lluna). In the town there was a vintage tram that took us all the way to Port de Soller which had a beach with plenty more shops along the front of it. We also spent our last day looking through the streets of Palma. We found the coolest ice cream shop (chandeliers inside and dry ice being sprayed out of the side of the building!)  and we came across the weirdest Old English Book Shop. At first it looked like a tiny shop with books piled high to the ceiling but when we went inside it went on forever! Every time we thought we got to the back of the shop there was another door or a staircase, it was so strange. 
I spent most of the week soaking in sun, swimming in the pool, buying necklaces and bracelets and eating ice cream. If you ever go to Majorca you have to have ice cream. I had lemon ice cream, raspberry ice cream, oreo ice cream, kinder ice cream... the list goes on. Basically, it's good ice cream wherever you go. The whole town was so pretty and I had an amazing time. So, I decided to share some pictures of my holiday!


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