Monday, 8 September 2014

The "grunge" look?...

I don't really like that word "grunge". I don't know what else to call it though. Like retro rock? 80's rock? I don't even know. I know I like the look though. Anyway, because I really like the look at the moment I put together my own 80's "grunge" inspired outfit type thing...

The shirt and cut off top are both from new look. The high waisted shorts are from topshop. The boots (ohmygod the boots) are from Schuh and the glasses are from primark. The necklace in the picture above was from Australia somewhere but the crystal necklace in the other picture is from Delilah Dust. I thought that both of them went with this even though the crystal is more "boho" or whatever but I really love it.
Seeing as it's getting colder and we're getting closer to winter (which I am so excited about!) I would also wear this with black skinny jeans - I'm in love with my joni jeans from topshop. I think ripped jeans would go really well too! I could wear this outfit all day comfortably as well which just makes it even better. The boots make me look taller because of the platform and the heel but are actually just so comfy, they are absolutely amazing! So yeah, I am really liking this whole look right now.


P.S. I probably wont be posting very much at the moment because school has just started again and everything is very full on and very busy and it is all very stressy.


  1. Shorts -

  2. This is really cool! Try to visit they have nice clothing, pants, formal wear and accessories too!

  3. I just say "edgy", lol. That category is really vague for me too! Ha. What a lovely outfit! All of the colors flow so well together. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo