Saturday, 29 June 2013

New favourite...

We loveeeeeeeee clothing with details on the back! It's so pretty! Plus you can wear something plain on the front but it's still dressed up with the detail on the back. You can find dresses or tops with back detail anywhere now too. I got one in primark?! (for 4 quid as well!) here's some favourites...

These dresses are both from missguided and so is the one below on the left.

Love this dress with the heart shape cut out!

these dresses are very fancy but we love the dress on the right it's gorgeous!

Then this is my top (that's why the picture isn't great haha) but I really like it because it's simple and goes with anything. It can be everyday or going out

We also liked Carrie's dress on the Carrie diaries, the dress she wore on the final episode because the back was really nice! But the front of it was a bit... pink? I don't know how to say it? frilly, pleated, fancy? I don't know but we loved the back of it!


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