Sunday, 18 August 2013

School starts soon...

So schools start to go back in around 2 weeks now and honestly, I'm not looking forward to it. BUT, I love going shopping for back to school stuff and this year it looks like the school look isn't just for inside the class room!
I went to H&M the other day and fell in love with the satchels in there. They have them in really pretty colours like light blue and red or they have them in more simple colours like brown or black. I am so annoyed I didn't buy one there and then because after going on the website to get one they only have black or red! Plus in the shop they had small versions and big versions.
I also went to top shop and almost bought some really cute frilly socks! They do them in so many different colours you can have a pair to go with every pair of shoes. I love them!
Anyway, I've searched the internet and found back to school style...

Dreading going back to school but I love this look!



  1. Perfect back-to-school outfits! I love these sets, they're so cute!

  2. Awesome, you did good job. I loved all of them, especially the last one (Topshop<3) :DD