Monday, 2 September 2013


So, everyone loves a good handbag, don't lie. And everyone loves making some one feel good or helping someone out. I know these are really different things but Angela&Roi have managed to combine the two.
Angela&Roi are a couple that have made a company designing/making/selling handbags made out of high quality vegan leather. But the best part is: whenever you buy a bag from Angela&Roi $5 of your purchase is donated to charity. So by buying a bag you can help some one else too, kind of like toms the way when you buy shoes they give a pair to a child in need.

The difference with Angela&Roi though is that your $5 is given to a charity depending on which colour bag you buy. "Every Colour Means Something". For example if you buy a pink bag $5 will be donated to a charity for breast cancer, but if you bought a grey bag your $5 would go to a charity for diabetes. Each colour has a different charity connected to it.

I absolutely love this idea. I am completely jealous of everyone living in America because if I lived in America (and had enough money) I would definitely buy one of Angela&Roi's Sunday Totes. I think they are absolutely gorgeous! The only problem is I wouldn't know which colour to get! I also love their Pallet Cross-Body I think they are so cute. I really love these bags and it's great to think that a bit of the money goes to charity.

The Sunday Totes from Angela&Roi!

I really think this is a great idea and the bags are absolutely perfect. Go to their website here or their facebook here!


P.S. guys it's like officially autumn!?

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