Saturday, 14 September 2013


So for Christmas last year my Nain and Taid (grandma and granddad) bought me a mini sewing machine and for agessssssss I have been meaning to make something on it. Only problem is, I haven't really made much on a sewing machine before. I really wanted to make a top but I have no idea how yet so for some practice I decided to make a pillow case... I know... exciting. But anyway, I went and bought some nice blue paisley fabric and decided to make it today. So I thought I would share my first proper sewing machine experience with you... I don't know why.

First I used the pillow I was covering to draw around it on the fabric with some extra around the sides to make sure it fit. I also left an extra bit one the top of one of the sides for the fold over the top of the pillow that the fastener thingy would go on. Then I ironed down the top of one side to make the hem and the other side to make the fold for the top of the pillow. After sewing this I put the patterned parts of the fabric facing each other so the pillow case was inside out and sewed it together. The I turned it inside out - so it was the right way - and that was the machine sewing part done (well it wasn't really, I made it too big at first so I resewed the bottom to make it smaller). Then I just hand sewed the "snap fasteners" onto the inside of the pillow, one of the hem, one on the fold.  (by the way make sure you don't sew them on the wrong way round like I did at first...) And then you're done!

I know it's super easy and I didn't really need to tell you how to make it but you have no idea how chuffed I was that I actually made something! Plus it goes really well in my room.


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