Thursday, 12 September 2013

Inspired by...

One of my all time ever favourite films there has ever been in the whole world has to be Moonrise Kingdom. I love it. The scene when they're dancing on the beach together makes me cry so much every time for absolutely no reason. I also love the clothes and the time it's set in so I thought why not do an "Inspired By" post!? So here it is. But! While you are reading this you must be listening to this song...

So, now you're listening here is my Suzy Bishop inspired post...

dresses from pop boutique, missguided, river island and topshop.

dresses from pop boutique, asos and missguided.

Shoes from asos, newlook, topshop and urban outfitters. Barry M eyeliner and Rimmel London eyeshadow stick. Satchel and socks from topshop. 

Now all you need is a pair of beetle earrings, a yellow suitcase (which by the way I have looked every where for and can't seem to find one like it!?) a portable record player and a pair of binoculars.
I love Suzy as a character as well as her wardrobe. If you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom I think you should definitely watch it as soon as possible because it has some really perfect scenes and characters in it.



  1. i feel like i need to watch this movie now!

  2. wow, you have quite a nice blog goin on here!
    congrats and keep it up, follow me and I'll follow back.
    thanks and cheers!