Sunday, 20 October 2013

A treat for Halloween...

This is not a fashion post. Nor is it a healthy beauty boosting recipe. But it's Halloween and I just thought you might want an unhealthy, really fattening and super sweet treat for you to eat. (That almost sounded like a poem)
So here is my recipe for...


You will need:
6oz of caster sugar
6oz of self raising flour
6oz of butter (I used stork)
2-3 eggs (I used 2 and then added a bit of milk in later because I should of used 3)
a pack of Oreos (the original ones are best)
Icing sugar and more butter if you want butter icing on the top

First get all you ingredients and put them in a mixing bowl. I cannot be bothered with sifting or creaming butter and sugar together; I think it's a waste of time. So mix all your ingredients together with a wooden spoon or electric mixer.

Then put a tea spoon of the mix into every cake case. Don't fill them too much!

Then put an Oreo into each case. I couldn't do this because believe it or not Tesco had sold out of original Oreos so I had to have double stuffed. There is less in a pack!

Then cover the Oreos with more cake mix

Once you've covered them put them in the oven at 180 °C

When they start to go golden on the top and you can smell them stick a knife or something like this into one of the cakes. If the knife comes out clean then they're ready.

When they are cooked you shouldn't be able to see the Oreos but because I had to use double stuffed they kind of took over my cakes! The smaller Oreos won't be as thick and so you won't be able to see them till you bite into it. If you want to put butter icing on them just put a bit of butter in a bowl and sift loads of icing sugar onto it. Mix it together and if it's too thick just add some vanilla extract and a spoon of milk. Keep tasting it till you get what you want.



  1. oh my goodness, this is what i will be making in the week - it looks scrumptious and i am absolutely addicted to oreos!