Friday, 18 October 2013

My new obsession...

Why do I look silly wearing lipstick?! 
I absolutely LOVE it! But can never find a colour that I don't look like I'm dressing for Halloween (or a kid that got into Mum's make up). SO anyway, the other day I went in search of lipstick to suit me, and I'm also dyeing (is that how you spell it?) for a purple lipstick and an orange lipstick! I am in love with these colours at the moment and I have been seeing people everywhere wearing them! They won't suit me but they just look so amazing on some people! I might be stupid but I never realised how expensive lipstick is? Or good lipstick anyway. When I told my friend she said "go to Superdrug and get the MUA stuff. It's well cheap and really good." So after looking on their website I have to get some. Here are the colours that are on my lipstick wish list...

So maybe I'm going over the top. But seriously it's hard to find good lipstick cheap! (and I love a bargain) They're only a pound! Hopefully I'll buy some this weekend!


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