Sunday, 13 October 2013

I Just Love Halloween...

So I'm really upset that I'm not at home for Halloween this year. I shouldn't be because I'm going on holiday to Rome (YAYYY) but I'm kind of sad that I wont get to dress up and go out with my friends. For some reason this year I keep getting these ideas of what I could dress as so, instead of wasting all my ideas, I'm sharing them with you in the form of a huge list...

If there's two of you, go as...

The Blues Brothers!
It's such a simple outfit! Just get a white shirt, black tie, black jacket, black pants, black sunglasses and a
black trilby hat!

Mario and Luigi.
for mario get a red tshirt, for Luigi a green one. Then just wear dungarees or jeans with a hat to match. Also don't forget the moustaches! My friend is actually doing this, this year but has ordered the outfit online.

Cosmo and Wanda (Fairly Odd Parents)
for cosmo just spray your hair green and put on a white shirt and black tie. For Wanda spray your hair pink and put on a yellow t shirt. Then put on a crown and get a wand!

or a big group of you could go as... 

all the Disney princesses
This looks great if there's loads of you!

or teletubbies!
Another one of my friends is doing this! She ordered a head band online  for the headpiece but is getting a plain coloured dress to match and sewing a square of silver fabric on the front of it. It's really simple!

or if you want something different

patrick star
get a pink hoodie/jacket  and green shorts. draw or stick or sew or clip the face of Patrick on the back of the hood so it looks like his head when you put your hood up. Or you could just get a mask of patrick...

micky mouse
I actually have red shorts from topshop that look like mickey Mouse shorts. Just put a black top on and some mouse ears and maybe some white gloves and you're done.

red riding hood
This is really easy if you have a red coat with a hood or a red blanket or sheet or just some fabric. You can basically wear anything because you just put the red fabric over you like a hood. And you have to carry a basket!

This is what I would have gone as this year. *cry* If you're going out with friends you could go as all the characters. I was going to go as Dorothy because I would just have to get a blue dress and then wear it with
my red Doc Martins! Just tie your hair up in bunches and carry a basket with a toy dog in.

A shadow hunter
Super simple! Just dress in black, draw runes on yourself in eye liner and carry some of those see through plastic forks!

Penny from Hairspray
Dresses like hers are literally everywhere at the moment! I walked into topshop and immediately said to my cousin "It's a Penny dress!" Then just tie your hair in bunches (with a bit of volume) and carry a lollipop.

If you can't be bothered going in full costume just do your make up as...

day of the dead
Lots of eyeliner is required! Or you can use face paint (probably a better idea)

I got these feather eye lashes really cheap last year from ASDA!

Just go for crazy dark make up

Or you could do the mean girls thing and just put some animal ears on

Or wear a onesie!
Honestly though your onesie can't be as cool as mine...
sorry about the terrible picture (it's a bat in case you didn't know)


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