Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Cold Air Is Coming...

Winter is coming. We're already in Autumn! This means that it's going to get CHILLY. And whenever it gets the slightest bit cold my lips and skin get really dry. So, my advice to you this winter is do what I do and put a lip balm in every single one of your bags; even if you don't use that bag still put one in there just in case. And always remember: You can never have too many lip balms. 
My lip split the other day because it was dry and it actually looked like I'd been in a fight...
My absolute favourite lip balm are the Lush lip balms. They just smell so good! I have a "Maple Taffy" one (that smells of maple pancakes) and a "Honey Trap" one (which smells of honey believe it or not). They are really good and help so much in the winter. I also absolutely love the Lush lip scrubs. I have a chocolate one and it tastes so good and makes your lips so soft!
I really recommend them!



  1. I love these products! Thank you for sharing this review!

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    1. Thanks! I followed your blog on bloglovin.