Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday...

First of all...

I have probably mentioned it before but I love October! Its perfect! So, to really get ready for Autumn, I have dyed my hair darker and got rid of my dip dye (I got bored of it and thought it looked too summery) so I thought I'd share my few tips about hair dying.

1. Paint your nails first. Sounds stupid I know, but you have no idea how many times I've stained my nails with dye. When you paint your nails first it just comes off so easy because it's on the nail varnish not your nail.

2. VASELINE! Put it on your hairline and ears! It helps the dye stay off these places, I admit I still get dye on my skin but not as much.

3. Always put an old towel on the floor. I guess this is kind of obvious. Even when the bottle says drip free it can still manage to get everywhere.

Hope these help!


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