Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It was my birthday!...

It was my birthday! So, this post is just the things that I got that I thought I would share with you. I absolutely loved everything I got and thought because Christmas is coming up I could give you guys some ideas of what to get people for Christmas?  Maybe it will be useful?

These baby lips lip balms are really good! They tint your lips as well as hydrating them.
This concealer is the greatest concealer ever. Seriously. So I had a bit of a panic when I nearly ran out!

I've been looking for a matt top coat for ages now because I think it looks so nice on black.

This fashion book looks really great. It explains everything to do with fashion design.

THIS PERFUME. Ohmygod. Not only is it amazing how it's black in the bottle, but it smells gorgeous too.

If you haven't seen the film Superbad I advise you to watch it. Now.

My brother always buys me a pair of super fluffy and warm slipper socks!

He also always buys me really nice earrings too. I think the robot earring are so cute! He's a pretty good brother really! (but I'd never tell him)
So, yeah, these are my favourite things right now I guess! One of my friends actually wrote me a poem as well. It sounds silly but it was because I always go on about how neat her handwriting is and so she said she would write something for me. It was actually hilarious! (but I can't really put up a picture of it...) So, just saying, it was a pretty good present! X

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