Sunday, 24 November 2013

Oh my god...

Urgghh, so I'm really not good at this blogging thing...
But I have valid excuses!
First I was in Rome, then I posted, then I lost my camera lead, then I lost my secure bank key, then I had to get glasses, then I had a big exam (a speaking exam in another language - I can't even speak English properly!) , then I had a super grown up call with my bank to get a new key, then I found my old key stuffed down the side of my bed, then I still couldn't find my camera lead, then my camera ran out of charge, then I ordered a new lead and had to wait for it to be delivered, then I had to write an article for design [moves], then my lead came, then I wrote this!
Plus, in the middle of all this I procrastinated because I can't do anything without procrastinating - which usually means I can't do anything.
But it's all okay because I got a bulb for my lava lamp and it looks so cool!! (that's what the picture above is)
But, yeah, sorry. I am definitely going to start posting now because I have my camera back!


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