Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tips for Surviving the January Sales...

I love bargains. I can't help it. I hate spending my money!
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with sales. I love them because... well... they're sales? They're cheap! But I hate them because they are nearly always super busy and messy and everything is everywhere.
So I have come up with some helpful (and probably very obvious) tips on how you can survive the January Sales.

  1. Wear comfy clothes that you can change easily! Don't wear a shirt with a ton of buttons and super tight jeans and shoes with a hundred laces. You will be in the changing rooms forever! Wear something easy so you don't spend half the day in one shop trying things on.
  2. Go early. This is the bit I hate but going early means you beat most of the crowds. Making your day of shopping a bit calmer and quieter.
  3. Know where you're going. Have a plan. This way you will waste no time and can get to all the best sales easily!
  4. Lunch. This is one of the best bits. Sit down half way through the day and look through everything you've bought so far! You get to rest your legs and see where else you need to go. Plus who doesn't love looking through all their new things!
Hope these help!


  1. And if you can meet up with favourite aunty, even better!?

  2. Going early is definitely the way to go! Also you get the first chance to pick stuff up! xx

  3. Love this list! I always try and have a granola bar with me ;)