Saturday, 21 December 2013

Packages, packages and more packages...

I can definitely see myself being on the program Extreme Hoarders when I'm older...
I absolutely LOATH throwing things away. I go to throw something away and then think: Wait, no, that could be useful one day. Or: I could make something out of that! (but I never do)
This becomes a bit of a problem at Christmas when I order a ton of presents off the internet and they all come in packages, because I don't even like throwing those card board envelopes away... (maybe I do have a problem?) But guess what!? I have finally found something I can do with them! It's actually really simple and I think it looks really good.
I just made a Christmassy Photo Frame out of it.

I simply cut off the closing fold thing at the top of the envelope and then followed the line in the middle of the package with scissors and cut it out. This means you have one side of the package with a slit in it so you can put the picture in it really easy.

Once I did this I decided to make it Christmassy by covering it in Christmas warping paper. I just cut it to size and then glued it and folded the edges over and glued them too. I then put a (completely non Christmassy) picture in it and it was done! (I couldn't find a Christmas picture to fit in it!)

And that's it... By the way, please notice my super adorable pillow case with reindeer on.



  1. The pillowcase is the epitome of cuteness ;D lol

    <3 Carsla
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  2. wow this is so cool!!!