Monday, 20 January 2014


I have too much nail varnish. I don't know how I ended up like this.
I had it all in this one shoe box that was literally falling apart because it was too heavy; so I used this Sunday to sort all my stuff out.
I really liked The Beauty Department's idea and thought I would put a colour code on the top of some of my nail varnish like they did. I didn't have any plain sticky labels though so I just used some old little stickers I had lying round. I only put labels on the bottles that were one size the whole way down if you get what I mean? The ones that you couldn't see the colour on at all.

First I took all my nail varnish out of the old shoe box and moved them all into my perfume box from Christmas (remember I don't throw stuff away...). They didn't actually all fit so I put all my nail art ones into a jack wills bag because they were a bit too tall for the box. I then took a few nail varnishes out at a time (so I didn't mix up the colours) and painted them onto the stickers. Because I wasn't using plain stickers I had to do two coats on some of them so they showed up properly. Once they dried I just peeled them off and stuck them on the top.

Ta Dah!


P.S. The perfume is amazing!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Happy Birthday Miss Moss...

It's Kate Moss' 40th Birthday today and so, I have collected some of my favourite photos of her!

Happy Birthday Kate Moss!


Monday, 13 January 2014

Moody Blooms...

Floral patterns are everywhere! They used to just be associated with spring and summer but now they have been given a winter make over. Bright flowers have been set onto dark backgrounds to bring floral patterns into every season. (this has been around for a while now but I never made a post about it...)
The best bit is that high streets have caught on too, so you can easily get the look for less! I've just collected some of my favourites at the moment and added some pictures of my new t-shirt!

Moody Blooms

moody blooms

I love them all! I especially like the platform shoes from River Island. My top is actually from Primark so I especially love it because I love a bargain!


Wednesday, 8 January 2014


There a tons of fashion icons out there, but one of my absolute new favourites has got to be Ian Chaloner from BBC Radio 1's breakfast show.

He attended Men's Fashion Week and sat on the front row along with many other celebrities, such as Samuel L Jackson, looking utterly amazing in his slanted pizza hat and pink,blue and white pants. The red hair extension, round glasses and socks and sandals really brought the outfit together though.

I thought this was hilarious! Ian was sent with Grimmy wearing this as a joke to Men's Fashion week. They didn't even think they'd get in. Never mind sit on the Frow!
The new style icon has even been spotted in the newspaper! Click here to see the image. Also click here to go to the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show facebook!


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Books and a beautiful mess

Christmas was amazing! Hope you had a good Christmas too!
I just thought that I would show you a few books that I got from my family...

I have loved A Beautiful Mess for ages now and have wanted their book for quite a while! This year I got it for Christmas and it has not disappointed me. It's filled with a ton of tips and ideas for taking photos and the photos in the book are so pretty! It's exactly like their blog and it's all put really simply.

Another book I got was Alice In Tumblrland. I saw a review for this in Look Magazine and thought it sounded pretty funny. It's filled with fairy tales with a modern twist, for example, Cinderella gets Crocs instead of glass slippers...

The other book in the picture is actually a notebook. Me and my mum saw these a while ago and loved them. There are so many different designs! I don't quite know what I'm going to put in it yet though. I feel like I should be on Harry Potter with it! It's so amazing on the outside it has to have something amazing on the inside as well! Maybe I'll try something similar to project life? That way I can use the A Beautiful Mess book too.