Monday, 20 January 2014


I have too much nail varnish. I don't know how I ended up like this.
I had it all in this one shoe box that was literally falling apart because it was too heavy; so I used this Sunday to sort all my stuff out.
I really liked The Beauty Department's idea and thought I would put a colour code on the top of some of my nail varnish like they did. I didn't have any plain sticky labels though so I just used some old little stickers I had lying round. I only put labels on the bottles that were one size the whole way down if you get what I mean? The ones that you couldn't see the colour on at all.

First I took all my nail varnish out of the old shoe box and moved them all into my perfume box from Christmas (remember I don't throw stuff away...). They didn't actually all fit so I put all my nail art ones into a jack wills bag because they were a bit too tall for the box. I then took a few nail varnishes out at a time (so I didn't mix up the colours) and painted them onto the stickers. Because I wasn't using plain stickers I had to do two coats on some of them so they showed up properly. Once they dried I just peeled them off and stuck them on the top.

Ta Dah!


P.S. The perfume is amazing!


  1. great blog! can youy follow me ? thanks!

    1. Yeah of course! Do you have a bloglovin account?

  2. Nice idea and I like the flower-shaped stickers - so sweet! x

  3. Nail polish heaven! lol. I used old shoe boxes for the longest time until I was sick of reorganizing due to breakage! Now, I use a cute clear striped plastic tub, so I can view the colors without even opening the box! But, I will try this idea... Just because I'm indecisive & if I see all of the colors from above, maybe it will speed up the decision process.. maybe? lol. I shall see!

    <3 Carsla
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    1. My shoe box was literally falling apart too! This box is much better though so hopefully I can keep my things organised for quite a while now (unlike before...).

  4. Wow...This is an amazing way to organise nail paints. I recently did something like that with my shoes...I have a great collection of shoes with me.

    Geetika |

  5. Clever!! You are truly *darling* and I love all yr topics you've got posted!