Monday, 3 February 2014

I Have a Thing for Shirts...

This is not a post about blouses. I don't like blouses. Blouses are floaty and see through. I don't like that.
But I do absolutely love shirts at the moment! I really don't know why to be honest? I like shirts that are long enough to tuck into my jeans because that's the look I really love! I like all the crazy mad patterned shirts and I have to say that one of my new favourite fashion pieces is my tartan shirt that I got for Christmas (off my Grandma and Granddad). I don't usually like anything that's too crazy or too colourful or madly patterned, but strangely I really love this look on shirts at the moment.


My only problem is, I have to look in the men's section for nice shirts most of the time because all women's shirts are blousy or cropped. The flowery shirt is actually from the men's section in Primark! I love them though, even if I'm super fussy about it...



  1. Yes! I love shirts too! But, blouses are lovely & not always see through! lol. Love the lipstick. Add a necklace next time as an excuse to get more wear out of your favorite pieces ;D

    <3 Carsla
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    1. Yes! I have the perfect necklace to go with these! don't know why I didn't wear it?! I definitely should have!

  2. I love the color of the flowered shirt!
    Kiersten Devereaux

  3. Guys can love wearing cool shirts too.I love the buttoned to neck look.