Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Meaningful Present...

My last post was about Christmas presents and I thought I would carry on with this. For some people I don't always like just buying them something from a shop, sometimes I want to give them something that they wouldn't have got themselves.
So a couple years ago I found a website that showed me how I could give my mum her whole world!
The only problem is, like I said, I did it a while ago so I haven't go any pictures of me actually making it. And the even more annoying thing is that I can't find the website! So I can't show you exactly how I did it! So I'll have to tell you without pictures or the original website. Here is what I did...
  • First you need an old globe - mine was a light up globe!
  • Then you need to paint it completely with white paint. You will probably need to do at least two layers.
  • After this (or before it doesn't really matter), you need to find a load of pictures to print off. 
  • THIS BIT IS THE TRICKY BIT. It took me a while to do this properly because I kept getting it wrong at first. Get a piece of A4 paper and a piece of tissue paper the same size. Sellotape the tissue paper onto the paper by the edges. Make sure you do the whole edge other wise it doesn't go through the printer.
  • Put the paper with the tissue paper into your printer then print off your images.
  • When the paper comes out it should have printed onto the tissue paper. If it hasn't worked very well you might need to make sure that the printer settings is set to photo (so it's better quality)
  • Then you can glue your photos onto your globe like paper maché!
That's it!

Sorry about the pictures; it's really hard to take good pictures at the moment because it gets dark so quickly there's no light! Also, the globe I made is quite old now so that's why the pictures are coming off it a little bit, it doesn't really look it's best on these pictures...

I thought this was a really great and unique way of displaying all your favourite pictures. I hope I inspired you to make some Christmas presents! Also, if you Google "things to do with an old globe" it comes up with some really amazing ideas! 


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