Friday, 13 December 2013


If you hadn't realised I'm super excited about Christmas! I don't know why but for some reason I'm even more excited than when I was like 9. Because of this unexplainable excitement I've put Christmas decorations up earlier than usual (we usually wait till like the 15th and instead we put them up last week).
So I basically just want to show you how Christmassy and cosy my house looks right now! Sorry about some of the pictures, it's really hard to take nice, cosy pictures of fairy lights!

Just saying, this candle smells like pure Christmas. It's as if they rolled together everything the slightest bit Christmassy and shoved it all into a candle. Also, for some reason, that Scooby Doo mug makes everything taste better!
So yeah, that's my house! I have just finished watching Elf so I am now fully ready for Christmas.



  1. Loved your Scooby-doo cup! That is my favorite show from the past (: Is it yours?

    ~Makaela at

    1. It was basically 50% of my life when I was younger!