Tuesday, 17 December 2013

TV Time...

Because it's winter I spend even more time than usual inside watching TV because it's just too cold!I love snuggling up in my blanket or onesie in front of the fire with hot chocolate! So I thought I'd share with you my favourite fashion(ish) TV programs...

Project Runway
You have no idea how much I used to watch this when I was younger. I would watch every episode! It's basically a bunch of designers creating different outfits every week, but they have to fit some weird brief. I really love it because everyone that goes on there is just so talented!? I always wished I could go on there (but I can barely sew...)

RuPaul's Drag Race
OHMYGOD. I found out about this because of a video DailyGrace made on youtube. I watched the whole series in one night and then tweeted about it (AND THEY TWEETED BACK!) It is pretty much the same as project runway except it's drag queens. They have to create their outfit AND they have to model it! They do all their own make-up and everything! A lot of them are prettier than me and can do much better make-up.

Anything Top Model
This is another show I've watched since I was little. I LOVE IT. You probably know but in case you don't, it's a bunch of girls all modelling against each other to win a place at a modelling agency or something similar to that. I love all the challenges and photo shoots and all the clothes they get to wear! I also love some of the fights too... But guess what. Sky Living have dropped BINTM so it might not be back next year! *cries*

Face Off
My friend told me about this. It's similar to Project Runway but it's special effects make-up artists! Some of the things on this program are completely amazing. It's incredible.

Beauty and the Geek
I used to run home just to get back in time to watch this. It's a bunch of "Geeks" and a bunch of "Beautiful" people and they are put together in couples. Each couple has to work together and do challenges and stuff to help learn from one another. It sounds stupid but honestly you get sucked in to it. (I put this on because a lot of the "Beauties" that go on it are models and there is sometimes clothes challenges)

Your Style in His Hands
A man has to buy his girlfriend/partner a whole new wardrobe and gets to shred whatever clothes he hates. This is hilarious because he always gets something completely wrong or completely impractical!

Ultimate Shopper
4 women compete against each other to win a ton of clothes! They have to create outfits based on things the judges have said and it just looks so amazing! They get to pick whatever they want! And if they win they get to keep it! ALL OF IT. Maybe I should try and go on the program?

So, yeah, that's what I'll be doing over Christmas. Watching old series of these programs while stuffing my face with chocolate orange. Sounds great!



  1. I've found myself watching a lot more tv as well! I just wish there were more non-reality/drama/competitive fashion tv shows as well! You know, a little variety! lol.

    <3 Carsla
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    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

    1. I know! I love the Carrie diaries though which is kind of fashion-y.