Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tips for Surviving the January Sales...

I love bargains. I can't help it. I hate spending my money!
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with sales. I love them because... well... they're sales? They're cheap! But I hate them because they are nearly always super busy and messy and everything is everywhere.
So I have come up with some helpful (and probably very obvious) tips on how you can survive the January Sales.

  1. Wear comfy clothes that you can change easily! Don't wear a shirt with a ton of buttons and super tight jeans and shoes with a hundred laces. You will be in the changing rooms forever! Wear something easy so you don't spend half the day in one shop trying things on.
  2. Go early. This is the bit I hate but going early means you beat most of the crowds. Making your day of shopping a bit calmer and quieter.
  3. Know where you're going. Have a plan. This way you will waste no time and can get to all the best sales easily!
  4. Lunch. This is one of the best bits. Sit down half way through the day and look through everything you've bought so far! You get to rest your legs and see where else you need to go. Plus who doesn't love looking through all their new things!
Hope these help!

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Packages, packages and more packages...

I can definitely see myself being on the program Extreme Hoarders when I'm older...
I absolutely LOATH throwing things away. I go to throw something away and then think: Wait, no, that could be useful one day. Or: I could make something out of that! (but I never do)
This becomes a bit of a problem at Christmas when I order a ton of presents off the internet and they all come in packages, because I don't even like throwing those card board envelopes away... (maybe I do have a problem?) But guess what!? I have finally found something I can do with them! It's actually really simple and I think it looks really good.
I just made a Christmassy Photo Frame out of it.

I simply cut off the closing fold thing at the top of the envelope and then followed the line in the middle of the package with scissors and cut it out. This means you have one side of the package with a slit in it so you can put the picture in it really easy.

Once I did this I decided to make it Christmassy by covering it in Christmas warping paper. I just cut it to size and then glued it and folded the edges over and glued them too. I then put a (completely non Christmassy) picture in it and it was done! (I couldn't find a Christmas picture to fit in it!)

And that's it... By the way, please notice my super adorable pillow case with reindeer on.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

TV Time...

Because it's winter I spend even more time than usual inside watching TV because it's just too cold!I love snuggling up in my blanket or onesie in front of the fire with hot chocolate! So I thought I'd share with you my favourite fashion(ish) TV programs...

Project Runway
You have no idea how much I used to watch this when I was younger. I would watch every episode! It's basically a bunch of designers creating different outfits every week, but they have to fit some weird brief. I really love it because everyone that goes on there is just so talented!? I always wished I could go on there (but I can barely sew...)

RuPaul's Drag Race
OHMYGOD. I found out about this because of a video DailyGrace made on youtube. I watched the whole series in one night and then tweeted about it (AND THEY TWEETED BACK!) It is pretty much the same as project runway except it's drag queens. They have to create their outfit AND they have to model it! They do all their own make-up and everything! A lot of them are prettier than me and can do much better make-up.

Anything Top Model
This is another show I've watched since I was little. I LOVE IT. You probably know but in case you don't, it's a bunch of girls all modelling against each other to win a place at a modelling agency or something similar to that. I love all the challenges and photo shoots and all the clothes they get to wear! I also love some of the fights too... But guess what. Sky Living have dropped BINTM so it might not be back next year! *cries*

Face Off
My friend told me about this. It's similar to Project Runway but it's special effects make-up artists! Some of the things on this program are completely amazing. It's incredible.

Beauty and the Geek
I used to run home just to get back in time to watch this. It's a bunch of "Geeks" and a bunch of "Beautiful" people and they are put together in couples. Each couple has to work together and do challenges and stuff to help learn from one another. It sounds stupid but honestly you get sucked in to it. (I put this on because a lot of the "Beauties" that go on it are models and there is sometimes clothes challenges)

Your Style in His Hands
A man has to buy his girlfriend/partner a whole new wardrobe and gets to shred whatever clothes he hates. This is hilarious because he always gets something completely wrong or completely impractical!

Ultimate Shopper
4 women compete against each other to win a ton of clothes! They have to create outfits based on things the judges have said and it just looks so amazing! They get to pick whatever they want! And if they win they get to keep it! ALL OF IT. Maybe I should try and go on the program?

So, yeah, that's what I'll be doing over Christmas. Watching old series of these programs while stuffing my face with chocolate orange. Sounds great!


Friday, 13 December 2013


If you hadn't realised I'm super excited about Christmas! I don't know why but for some reason I'm even more excited than when I was like 9. Because of this unexplainable excitement I've put Christmas decorations up earlier than usual (we usually wait till like the 15th and instead we put them up last week).
So I basically just want to show you how Christmassy and cosy my house looks right now! Sorry about some of the pictures, it's really hard to take nice, cosy pictures of fairy lights!

Just saying, this candle smells like pure Christmas. It's as if they rolled together everything the slightest bit Christmassy and shoved it all into a candle. Also, for some reason, that Scooby Doo mug makes everything taste better!
So yeah, that's my house! I have just finished watching Elf so I am now fully ready for Christmas.


Monday, 9 December 2013

Worn on TV...

I am obsessed (along with all my other friends) with the Carrie Diaries. It is the prequel to Sex and the City and it is honestly so amazing perfectly. If you haven't seen it you should definitely start watching it now.
But anyway, every week when I watch it there is always at least one outfit, jumper or shirt that I want so badly! I really like a lot of the clothes worn on the program and so went on the internet (because the internet has everything) in search of them. I FOUND AN AMAZING WEBSITE.
It's called Worn On TV and the first thing that comes up is a list of programs. You choose which one you want to look at and then it comes up with a ton of outfits from that program. You can then click and see where each outfit is from! I'm in love. There is also a page for Awkward which is another TV program me and my friend are obsessed with. The site has loads of different programs! I love things like this, I don't know why.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Meaningful Present...

My last post was about Christmas presents and I thought I would carry on with this. For some people I don't always like just buying them something from a shop, sometimes I want to give them something that they wouldn't have got themselves.
So a couple years ago I found a website that showed me how I could give my mum her whole world!
The only problem is, like I said, I did it a while ago so I haven't go any pictures of me actually making it. And the even more annoying thing is that I can't find the website! So I can't show you exactly how I did it! So I'll have to tell you without pictures or the original website. Here is what I did...
  • First you need an old globe - mine was a light up globe!
  • Then you need to paint it completely with white paint. You will probably need to do at least two layers.
  • After this (or before it doesn't really matter), you need to find a load of pictures to print off. 
  • THIS BIT IS THE TRICKY BIT. It took me a while to do this properly because I kept getting it wrong at first. Get a piece of A4 paper and a piece of tissue paper the same size. Sellotape the tissue paper onto the paper by the edges. Make sure you do the whole edge other wise it doesn't go through the printer.
  • Put the paper with the tissue paper into your printer then print off your images.
  • When the paper comes out it should have printed onto the tissue paper. If it hasn't worked very well you might need to make sure that the printer settings is set to photo (so it's better quality)
  • Then you can glue your photos onto your globe like paper maché!
That's it!

Sorry about the pictures; it's really hard to take good pictures at the moment because it gets dark so quickly there's no light! Also, the globe I made is quite old now so that's why the pictures are coming off it a little bit, it doesn't really look it's best on these pictures...

I thought this was a really great and unique way of displaying all your favourite pictures. I hope I inspired you to make some Christmas presents! Also, if you Google "things to do with an old globe" it comes up with some really amazing ideas! 


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Present Thoughts...

That means it's time for Christmas shopping (unless you are not like me and you are super organised). I love Christmas shopping; I think it's so exciting thinking about that person when they get to open the present you got them! I'll probably talk a lot about Christmas gift ideas on the lead up to Christmas so I might as well start now! I just thought you might want to know that it's 3 for 2 on so much stuff in boots
So, the other day I went to Boots and started my Christmas shopping...

The body spray on the left smells absolutely gorgeous and the body wash on the right smells like biscuits!

This is a box set with smaller bottles in it (they all smell amazing too!)

I got all this for just £16! So, if you know someone who loves soap and glory or anything to do with beauty you could definitely start your Christmas shopping in boots!


P.S. another thing made by soap and glory that is completely amazing is the breakfast scrub. No joke, it smells like gorgeousness mixed with golden syrup.